Soul Purpose Therapy

I'm a licensed psychotherapist located in Signal Hill / Long Beach specializing in individual and relationship therapy for adults. My mission and purpose is to help people live more fulfilling lives.



Therapeutic Approach

Cognitive Behavioral

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) focuses on changing faulty thinking and reducing unwanted behaviors. CBT is very effective for treating anxiety and other issues. I'm also trained in a specialized model called Trauma-Focused CBT that is more effective for those with histories of trauma or abuse.


In Psychodynamic Therapy, we focus on changing problematic behaviors by understanding the meanings and motivations behind them. This approach relies on the discovery of insights from a person's upbringing and childhood.


Humanistic Therapy focuses on a person as an individual with unique potential and abilities. This approach tends to be more holistic and looks at the whole person rather than just a single area of a person's life.

Mind, Body & Soul

My approach always considers the mind and body connection, and I leave it up to clients if they would like to explore the soul or spiritual side of themselves. I am a believer in the ability to heal through energy transfer and spiritual connection.


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